Site-specific Audiovisual Installation by TUNDRA
«The Day We Left Field» appeals to a multisensory experience that pushes beyond the audiovisual properties of media. As a viewer, we can see how the unlimited possibilities of code generate and shape audio visual play of digitalized natural phenomena in combination of tactile, kinesthetic effect. The eyes themselves function like organs of touch.

The installation simulates both an inverted field and a huge display, where every blade of grass symbolises a pixel on the screen. From the roots to grass tips, from the code to the light - such parallel represents the idea of technology as a new nature, as a new superstructure of nowadays. With that said, «The Day We Left Field» (re)materialize the neglected circuit between human and wild nature and, in doing so, represent alternate engagements with new media technologies.
Farol Santander | Sao Paulo, Brasil

Zerospace | New York, USA

LLUM festival | Barcelona, Spain

Museo del Futuro | Mexico City, Mexico

Tundra is a collective of new media artists exploring the facets of human perception of new sound and visual images in the context of spatial dialogue.

TUNDRA's artistic practices include a/v performances, sound&light installations, generative art, multimedia avant-garde experimentations, and NFTs. In the conceptual core behind the works, there is an idea of searching for a balance between chaos and order that is represented through the mixing of technology and nature and expressing the inexpressible through new forms of art.

The artworks have been exhibited at museums, galleries and festivals of multi-media art in America, Great Britain, Europe, Australia, and Asia.