haptic audio-visual installation
ÉXÕ cube is a synesthetic installation that extends the phenomenon of echo into the visual-haptic domain. Embodying an endless cascade of moving reflections fading within the infinite void, the cube is surrounded by a vibro-platform where each side resonates independently.
Drawing its name from the Cyrillic 'эхо' ('echo') and ancient Greek 'ἔξω' ('exo,' meaning 'outside'),it symbolizes the perpetual cycle of cultural narrative repetitions that reach us through the echoes of generations, inevitably distorted and altered by time and space.
Due to its haptic properties, the installation facilitates ritual engagement through slow, meditative movement around the cube, reflecting devotional practices of circumambulation.

The platform beneath the feet transmits low-frequency vibrations, below the threshold of human hearing, merging auditory, visual, and tactile stimuli into a synesthetic perception.

This transmission grounds the encounter with ÉXÕ cube in a form of ritual experience, connecting to the primal echoes of ancient gatherings where the rumble of drums and the thrum of the earth were as much a part of communication as any spoken language.