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"What forces us to think is the impower of thought, the figure of nothingness, the inexistence of a whole which could be thought"
Maurice Blanchot
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INEXISTENCE represents a moment of transition between being and non-being, resulting from an experiment with an audiovisual installation performed in both virtual and physical domains.

The interstice, an invisible moment of transition between physical and virtual realms, can be perceived through the medium of light. The light plays the role of a conductor in both worlds, allowing for a dynamic interplay that highlights their harmonious coexistence.

[Tech realisation]
INEXISTENCE was performed as a continuously transforming video sculpture. Sound and visuals were generated in realtime and captured using specially programmed industrial robot whose movements were choreographed and synchronised with generative software, creating mixed-reality experience using real-time camera tracking.
Adding real-time camera tracking allowed us to create the AR effect and shift the visual perspective by changing the POV.
So the viewer could sense the enhanced dimensions of video sculpture in physical and virtual space.

Due to the interconnection between generative algorithms and robotic camera movements, INEXISTENCE's altered perspective can only exist and solely manifest in video form.
In this chain of events, the captured moment of interaction with mixed-reality occurs when real-time generated audiovisual content transitions from the virtual to the analog realm as light and sound, and then reverts back to code. This unique moment is stored on a blockchain as a one-and-only fragment of NFT video sculpture.
[code] → executes → [generative algorithms] → operates → [audiovisual content] → performing IRL → [light-and-sound installation] → mixed-reality captured by [industrial robot] → video file converted to [code] → stored on a |
Each NFT is the unique fragment of the real-time generative audiovisual sculpture
Generative a/v patterns move from the on-screen to the holographic displays, transitioning from one dimension to another, analogously between the internal and external. Such interaction plays with the depth of the digital screen, adding a new dimension to the artwork.

In INEXISTENCE, we mix media and technologies to highlight not their contradiction, but rather the unique harmony they create, capturing the beauty of randomness, and storing the results on the blockchain as 42 distinct video fragments of this experiment.

For this experiment, we completely reworked and enhanced the a/v algorithms of the ROW installation and utilized a combination of holographic displays and LED screen, that served as a gateway to the virtual dimension.

[Future of the drop]
We constantly explore new emerging technologies with a creative lens, using audiovisual expression and code as integral elements of technological art. By experimenting with physicality and virtuality, we have adapted NFTs as a synergetic tool at the intersection of both fields.

As an INEXISTENCE NFT holder, collectors gain access to all upcoming TUNDRA exhibitions and are added to a white-list for future NFT drops. The support of collectors helps fund TUNDRA's solo exhibition project and establishes a meaningful connection between the art and audience. Follow the link below to become our collector ↓
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