HPL Festival, Street Art Museum, St.Petersburg, 2015

A few years ago we reimagined the standard of using moving head beams and created immersive sound & light experiences. We highlighted the best moments of our moving head light-beams installations from the period of 2014 - 2017 (Prague - SIGNAL festival, Berlin - MIRA Festival, Rome - Outdoor Festival, Moscow - ARMA Festival, Tartu - Linnafestival UIT, St.Petersburg - Gamma Festival & Street Art Museum)

"Pointe" stands for the main characters - ROBE lighting Pointe fixtures and "Phenomenon" stands for natural light phenomenon - a concept of our installations when we try to put visitors in the epicenter of immersive sound and light experience.

OUTDOOR festival, Rome, 2016

MIRA festival, Berlin, 2016

SIGNAL festival, Prague, 2016
UIT festival, Tartu, 2016
7th anniversary ARMA17 festival, Moscow, 2015
POWOW, Street Art Museum, St.Petersburg, 2014